Saturday, March 28, 2009


The tree above my garden sure causes a lot of trouble. Leaves are always falling on it, it's got to run out of leaves at some point! There's  a lot to prude and water here, but it looks really nice.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Days go by, it almost seems like nothings happening. I found out that some plants weren't correctly planted, and needed their roots broken into more. I chop up the soil every day so that it can get air, and water it. Hopefully soon it will be more noticeable that it's thriving! The orange flowers are blooming rather well, and the yellow tulip is doing just great.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Phase 1

On a trip back from the garden center, I got some pansies, moss, redunculus (not really the name) and some others. I 'graphically designed' where I want them and think that I did a good job in placing them with help. Now to play the waiting game. 

Today was one of the bigger days to garden. Mostly I planted 'baby tears' on the sides of my house, and than mixed new soil into the big open places I have in my garden area. Shovel work made me realize how soft and baby my hands are... Not to mention my nails are infused with soil! Haha, I'll survive somehow.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Newbies and Bullies

The flowers have been doing very well for a long time. The poppies have a very good ability of recovering after rain and they live well with other plants. The rain really beats them down into the dirt though, but there are so many budding ones that bring the poppies liveliness back. 
I also bought some new poppies today and planted them, six actually. I then moved the yellow to a pot for now until next sunday when it'll be moved to a more comfortable situation. On a side note, I noticed that "Baby Tears" have been growing on the bricks next to my house so I got more and hope to plant them soon.


My goal is to make a lively garden, that maybe reflects the garden it used to be in its past life. I got a poppy for this large rectangle of dirt, because I really like poppy's and their fuzzy buds. I am thinking I'll start with what I have, and poppies being the main attraction. I also got this yellow tulip looking flower. They both seem to be doing very well so far!